In 1998 years, in our our commercial starting life with Özdemir Elektrik Ltd. Şti. To this day, he signed close to 500 National-International medium and large scale projects all over the world and energy transmissions in Turkey, we have provided substantial benefits in renewable energy and wood reels sector.

We established automation projects related to the production of wooden cable reels used in the cable sector in 2002 and have undertaken significant projects both at home and abroad. Especially in the wood reel and wood packaging sector, our new R & D work has been very attractive for our cable producers and our technical projects in wooden cable delivery reels have received serious demands.

In 2014 Kayseri / Turkey from while continuing to serve in the wood packaging industry, R & D product line to we have our Composite Plywood, and Plywood Cable Reels and Steel Rope Reels are ongoing serial production has been started to work. As a result of the R & D work done, our plywood reels which we produced by considering the deformation and tare weights of international transportation in the middle segment wooden cable reels shipments, have capacity of carrying from 150 kg to 1250 kg accepted as world project. We obtain our reels, which do not deform even when they stay in the water for 30 days, from the Birch Tree product, which is frequently found in the northern regions of the Russian Federation.

Our Plywood Reels, which we manufacture with high frequency generators which are rarely applied in the world, are valid for measurements from 500mm to 1300mm. Low cost and high carrying capacity cable - steel rope dispatch reels are the result of joint projects with cable producers and our company; We are pleased to have completed our projects with 300% lower tare weight and 200% lower tree use.

Our new automation machine systems, we are experience in producing plywood and plywood reels;

To provide you with better energy, our focus ;

'' Top Quality - Most Reliable - Most Productive '' to be a brand

We aim to add value to the company in terms of product diversity and visuality with specific products besides existing products that we have adopted as a company. Thus, we see it as a duty on behalf of our company to be both permanent and contributing to the national economy as it has been for years in this sector.





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